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General Rates

Full day: $600

Half day: $350

1/4 day: $250

Overtime: $100/hr


Fees for distant travel outside the Nashville, TN area may be applicable and are negotiable at the time of booking. 


Day Rate

A full day rate is 8 consecutive hours with a 1 hour lunch break (total 9 hours) and will be charged if the artist is needed on call for the whole day or not. Day rate must be specified at the time of booking and must be paid even if the artist is not used for the full day. This booking arrangement cannot be changed after the artist arrives for the appointment. 

Time & half charges occur after 9 hours. 


Please contact me for rates

Cancellation less than one (1) week prior to booking date will be charged 1/2 the total billable amount with a 2 hour minimum. 

Full billable rate will apply to cancellations made less than 24 hours before the schedule booking. Cancellations due to weather conditions are not charged. 



Please contact me for rates. 


Multi-day shoot rates are negotiable based on the length of the shoot, location of shoot, production budget, and other amenities provided.


Please contact me for rates. 

$125 for a 2-hour consultation/bridal trial.